Expiration dating of unit-dose repackaged drugs

If these conditions are met, unit-dose repackaged products can assign an expiration date that does not exceed the earlier of:.

Conference Recommendations

Six months from the date of repackaging. To assign later expiration dates, unit-dose repackagers must:. Follow the five conditions listed above. Provide data demonstrating that the repackaged container is at least as protective of the drug product as the original packaging. Not assign an expiration date exceeding the original manufacturer's expiration date. To date, Form FDA has been submitted in lieu of these forms. Jeffrey Shuren, Assistant Commissioner for Policy.

We are proposing to revise CPG b. Submit written or electronic comments on the draft guidance by August 29, General comments on agency guidance documents are welcome at any time. Send one selfaddressed adhesive label to assist that office in processing your requests. Submit electronic comments to http: Specifically, the draft guidance states certain circumstances under which we intend to exercise enforcement discretion and do not intend to take action against repackagers for failure to conduct stability studies to support expiration dates for drug products in accordance with FDA regulations.

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The draft guidance is a proposed revision of section We originally issued CPG b. Since its adoption in , the CPG has stated that, in light of the USP standards and under certain conditions, the agency does not deem it necessary that stability studies be conducted on drugs that are repackaged into unit-dose containers. Therefore, the CPG has stated that we do not intend to initiate enforcement action against any unitdose repackaging firm for failure to have stability studies supporting expiration dates, provided certain conditions are met, including that the expiration date does not exceed 6 months.

At the time the CPG was adopted, this recommendation was substantially PO Frm Fmt Sfmt comparable to the USP standards on expiration dating of nonsterile unit-dose repackaged drug products. In , the USP revised its standards on the beyond-use dating of nonsterile solid and liquid dosage forms that are packaged in single-unit and unit-dose containers.

The packaging is usually a foil or plastic pouch. Several systems are commercially available in the U. Semi-automated Unit-dose Packaging Systems Semi-automated unit-dose packaging systems are considerably more affordable for pharmacy departments with very conservative budgets and are more flexible to meet the needs of the facility.

Expiration Dating of Unit Dose Repackaged Drugs

Most of the semi-automated systems are stand-alone systems and not connected with the hospital's operating system; however, most of the software that operates these systems is connected to an Internet drug database, such as First Data Bank. This allows the necessary information that is needed for the label to automatically populate in the software based on the NDC numbers and minimizes labeling errors. The labels can be manually modified to harmonize descriptions with the hospitals' systems and barcode labeling formats.

Partial tablets and compounded medications can also be added to the software library for future packaging. Again, the packaging is usually foil or plastic packets and takes up very little space in the dispensing cabinets or on the shelves in the pharmacy.

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The disadvantage to a semi-automated unit-dose packaging system is that a dedicated person has to operate it, and, depending on the quantity of repackaged medication needed by the facility, it could require a full FTE position. Again, the information for each system should be reviewed and visits made to facilities that own and operate these systems.

Demonstrations are often set up at trade shows too.

FDA Revises Draft Guidance on Expiration Dates for Unit-Dose Repackaged Drug Products

The semi-automated unit-dose packaging systems are available for repackaging solid dosage forms and oral liquids. The following is a list of some of the systems offered in the U. Manual Unit-dose Packaging and Oral Liquid Repackaging All facilities can easily do manual unit-dose packaging and oral liquid repackaging.

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The cost of materials is minimal, and the labeling software is easily affordable, but it can require a lot of manpower depending on the quantity that needs to be repackaged. Most of the manual systems for the solid dosage forms are blister packs. The software will create the labeling and barcoding for the blister packs and is printed on foil-backed paper that adheres to and seals the blister packs with adhesive or heat.

When choosing the materials, make sure that they meet USP standards.

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Oral liquids can be drawn up into oral syringes or added to oral vials. Sometimes a peristaltic pump can be useful in filling the syringes or vials, but usually the pump must be calibrated for each liquid due to the differences in viscosity. When repackaging oral suspensions, the suspensions must be shaken or agitated often to ensure that the medication is uniformly distributed throughout the liquid base during the repackaging process.

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  • FDA Guidance on Expiration Dating of Unit-Dose repackaged Solid Oral Dosage.
  • FDA Draft Guidance on Expiration Dating of Unit-Dose repackaged Solid Oral Dosage Forms.
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