Hook up amp to door speakers

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Free Shipping on All Orders! Contact Account Shopping Cart. Post edited by JhoZ on June June edited June Adding an amp will help the overall sound quality, as it take the pressure off the HD headunit to produce more power.

Step #1 Is Very Important!

In some units mainly lower end ones the higher the volume the less the quality of the sound, with an amp you can still have the quality without the strain on the HD. I would stick with brands like Alpine, Clarion and a few others. Now days you need a Phd to decipher the math use to get the true power rating of amps on the market. Then I would get mono amps for your subs in the back for that real thump.

How to Wire Door Speakers to an Amp | It Still Works

Family Room HT 7. The rear is not for filling.

How To Wire Speakers and Subwoofers to Your Amplifier - 2, 3, 4 and 5 Channel - Bridged Mode

It is a separate sound stage. It can be used to enhance the front sound stage or it can be used to draw the sound stage back so that all passengers can enjoy the music.

Car Audio System Wiring Basics

You can even get "quadraphonic" or even surround sound processors to make the discrete rear surround channels for DVD-A or SACD levels of multi-channel programming. The only way it's ever for "filling" is if you install low frequency drivers back there and use the air space and rear widow reflection to enhance the bottom end. An amp doesn't necessarily allow you to play anything louder.

Run the two pairs of door speaker wires to the back of the amp and fasten to the right and left channel front outputs of the amp. Most car audio amps use push-in sockets: Most factory-installed speaker wiring uses copper-colored wire for positive and silver-colored for negative. A few others use the same color wiring but put a raised strip on the negative side of the wire. Most car amps have 4-ohm output impedance.

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Make sure your speakers are the same impedance. The impedance is usually listed on the back of the speaker and on the output terminals of your car stereo.

How to Wire Door Speakers to an Amp

If you replaced the factory-installed speakers, the installation manual should tell you the impedance. Turn the balance control on your car stereo from one side to the other to check the sound for balance after your installation is complete. If your left and right balance is reversed, switch the RCA-type audio output plugs, either on the back of the amp or on the back of your car stereo, whichever is easier to access.

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