Is she dating another guy

Join Date Apr Gender: Age 33 Posts Did you f-close her? Originally Posted by semi. Age 34 Posts 2, I really like steak.

What to do if she is seeing another guy?

I could have it every other day and still enjoy it a lot. Does that mean I don't like ice cream?

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Location Outer Space Posts 1, Well first thing first. Every single time you see her. That will make sure you don't fall in the friendzone too much.

Keep your cool and push pull a bit. Although you always should have a great time with her, never ever tell her everything. If she's dating other people what's the rush? Keep your options open and don't be afraid to tell her no once in a while, because you'll be busy with other people too. If she's seeing you every other day, chances are this is headed to a relationship anyway. Just don't become too overly "cool" or overly "needy" and you should be fine.

Join Date Nov Gender: Age 37 Posts How do you deal with a girl dating other guys? You're getting no strings attached sex.


Consider it a Godsend and go date other girls. Age 31 Posts Kill your onetits and realise she is like any other girl. Don't ask questions about the other guy because it will come ofas beta, just treat her like you don't give a fuck about her other than her body. Start talking about other girls, tell how you'd say you are more emotionally connected to the other girl but more physically connected to her. Its a dirty tactic but your aim is to make her jealous, wonder why you 2 don't connect emotionally girls value that more than sex. You need to occupy her mind! Send her confusing signals.

Fuck her hard, be tender afterwards, then leave. Text her the following day, dont reply to her. Text her about meeting up. If she texts you about meeting, ask her why you should meet her in a playful manner. When you meet bring her a little gift, like chocolate. Read DEVI in the sex manuals to improve your 'chemistry' with her.

Eventually she'll want to figure you out, and the more you occupy her mind, the more she builds you up in her head and fall for you.

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Similar Threads How to deal with guys dissing you to make a girl laugh? I informed her I was not going to be her rebound. I decided to take a trip to Manhattan, and since it was around her birthday, I asked her to come. During this trip she brought up how she still thought about being more than friends.

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Being a hopeless romantic, I told her I was willing to give us a shot. Then she started seeing a co-worker she saw no future with. Why did she prioritize this guy over me?

She's Dating Other Guys

Just a few weeks ago, after things fizzled out with him, she came running back to me. Against my instincts, I gave us another shot. And, as they say, history repeats itself. I removed her from all of my social media. I even uninstalled Hulu from my phone because I was using her account. Why do people keep relationships with toxic people? The Hulu decision was symbolic, right? Maybe the next one should be about how much time you spend thinking about her. If you catch yourself imagining her return — playing it out in your head — call a friend and get busy with something else.

Also, treat yourself to some new accounts and passwords.