What to do if youre dating an alcoholic

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When you find that your partner drinks when he or she is happy or mad, it is one of the signs that you are dating an alcoholic. Your partner finds a reason to drink even when celebrating the smallest stuff or when he or she is stressed. He or she is using alcohol to cope with the ups and downs of life. Alcohol is a crutch for your partner and he or she uses it to deal with his or her emotions. Alcohol means more to him or her than other things. You are dating an alcoholic when you find that he or she can take several drinks without showing any signs of getting drunk.

It means that he or she has become accustomed to alcohol and it will take more than two drinks for him or her to feel the effects of the alcohol.

How to Cope with a Spouse's Alcoholism - Alcoholism

If you drink together with your partner, you will feel the effects of the alcohol long before he or she thinks about taking it slow. This should tell you that your partner is an alcoholic.

Dating an Alcoholic

Even though your partner might not be drunk after several drinks, his or her moods might start to change after drinking. He or she will change from being a sweet and kind person and become mean. The person can even become abusive physically or verbally. If he or she was a quiet person, he or she will change and become violent and loud. When an alcoholic person is sober, he or she rarely shows any emotions but that changes the minute he or she starts drinking.

7 Signs You Might Be Dating An Alcoholic | BlackDoctor

If you find that your partner is okay when he or she has a drink but gets easily irritated when he or she has not drunk for some time, this is a sign that you are dating an alcoholic. Your partner will become angry at the slightest aggravation or none at all. Whenever he or she is sober, you find it hard to have a good conversation because he or she is easily irritable. You are dating an alcoholic when he or she drinks at any time without planning to. Your partner can tell you that he or she is not going to drink but the minute he or she is with friends who are drinking, their mind changes.

He or she can tell you that it is going to be only one drink but ends up drinking more. Your partner will find any excuse to go and drink like starting an argument that leads them to the bar. This should tell you that the person you are dating is an alcoholic. Most social drinkers have a particular brand that they prefer and they will always stick to it.

15 Signs You're Actually Dating An Alcoholic - Tips & Advice

If they find that their brand is unavailable, they do not drink or go elsewhere to look for it. This is not the case when it comes to alcoholics.

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An alcoholic does not have a specific brand. He or she will drink whatever is available.

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When an alcoholic has a lot of money, he or she will drink the expensive brands. However, when he or she is low on cash, the cheapest brand will be his or her pick. An alcoholic will never stop drinking regardless of the brand available.

1. Your Partner’s Life Revolves Around Alcohol

Therefore, if your partner behaves in this manner, you should know that you are dating an alcoholic. People who have problems due to drinking or those that have humiliated themselves when drunk will always swear that they will stop drinking. However, he or she will continue to get drunk despite having many problems. If your partner has lost a job because of going to work drunk several times, it means you are dating an alcoholic.

15 Signs you’re Actually Dating an Alcoholic: Tips and Advice

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