Dating a man with a pregnant girlfriend

All we can do is go with the flow. We can set a positive example for our children and teach them to be better people than their father's ever were. This groom-to-be must have already had cold feet about the marriage. Sounds like the news of the baby pushed him over the edge and helped him to see what he truly wanted in life. My heart goes out to this Mama, of course she is heartbroken and numb with pain. She thought she had found her life partner and her life was unfolding as she had planned. Once we are pregnant men don't get a choice as to if they are ready to be a father.

They have the choice to decide what kind of father they want to be. This happens all of the time. The fathers have the opportunity to come into a child's life no matter how long they have been gone.

No matter how long it takes for these fathers to realize that they are ready to step in, they have rights. It's hard to believe that these men can just waltz right back into our lives and demand partial custody and the courts grant it. It's hard to believe but it is true. Once the father is ready, the courts are ready to let him play Daddy. He may have to agree to supervised visitations at first but if all goes well Daddies have just as many rights to their child as we do.

It's shocking but it's good for children to know that they have a father who cares, even if he stepped in late in the game. People do things for all sorts of different reasons. I'm sure that this guy had many reasons for helping this Mama through the pregnancy.

Maybe one of those reasons was to impress his ex. That's a lot to take on for the sole purpose of impressing an ex. Regret does no good. If the name bothers her that much she could look up other famous men with the same name and retell the story. Maybe her new story could be that she named him after a famous musician whose music she loves. After a while, the child's name will just be a name. It will roll off the tongue without a second thought.

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Don't waste time regretting making mistakes from the past. We have little ones who need our love, whether we like their names or not. Let go of that fear, sister.

Dear Bossip: I’m Dating A Coworker But His Pregnant Girlfriend Moved In

There are plenty of men out there who are happy to date single Moms. Many single Dads want to date single Moms because they know that she will get the whole dating while parenting thing. Let's focus our energy on loving our babies and keeping ourselves mentally and physically happy. If we want it, love will come when the time is right. A child may be what brings a couple together. They may meet at a daycare drop off or a kids baseball game.

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Since this Mama is still pregnant, stress is the last thing that she needs. After the baby is born the last thing she will be thinking about for the first few months will be dating. I mean, yeah it's devastating that he left her for twenty years but now he is ready to know his child. I bet there is a part of that child that would like to talk with the father also.

Think of all of the questions that the abandoned child may have. I can see that as a knee jerk reaction this Mama would tell him to get lost but this kid has a right to know that the father is now ready to meet him.

We all mature at different rates. Maybe this guy could never really move on knowing that he had a child in the world. Maybe he found out he was dying. No matter what the reason, he is there now. I doubt a demand to get lost will keep him from reconnecting with his adult son. Single mothers can do it alone. We have to have faith in ourselves. We have to know that we are strong.

We have to know that we have no choice but to set a good example for our children. Things can get rough but we are tougher. About a month after starting my new job two of my coworkers were interested in me, but I was not ready for any type of relationship. They both pursued me for the next few months, however, I found myself infatuated with the 24 year old man. Long story short, after seven months I could not resist him anymore and let my guard down.

I told him how I felt and had sex with him, and even let him sleep over. The attraction is still there despite the fact that we are trying to be just friends. He is always trying his best to help me in any way possible.

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He does everything to make sure I notice him. His attitude changes when certain guys flirt. I had to tell him to call his girlfriend by the appropriate title in front of me not his baby momma. He tells me he wants to be with me, but because she gave him an ultimatum he has to be with his child.

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How much of this could be a lie? Why in the world do I still want this man? What advice do you have for me if any? And, though you moved to escape your madness, and to start anew in a new state, you are still dragging that mess with you. Have you ever heard of the saying: Wherever you go, there you will be!

Therefore, you take with you all the problems, drama, and aggravation you were attempting to run and hide from. She knows about me and I don't know why she would even want a man like that. All I have to say is if he did it to her, don't think for second that he won't do it to you. Ever heard the saying what your cake and eat it too. Have more respect for yourself than that. Your the other woman. When you picture your ideal man, is it the kind of guy who is willing to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend?

I don't think so. This isn't really a relationship, you're the other woman here. Also, you seem to be deluding yourself when you say "I can't help it" - actually, you're in full control of your actions, so don't fall into the trap of thinking of your behaviour as beyond your own control.