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After seeing a few responses, i guess it has to denote to your area you live in. I'm in the Los Angeles area so i guess they're just a lot more diversity for interracial relationships. I'm biracial myself as well, so even growing up the idea that you wouldn't date someone because of skin colour or ethnicity was just ludicrous.

The area that I live in is still relatively racist including some of my family , but I have never, ever felt compelled to avoid dating someone or befriending someone based on skin color or background. Yes and No, i'm about a quarter hispanic but mostly white. I date every ethnicity but am more attracted to American Asian women for some reason.

So that's why i asked this question. I'm half Korean but I've never dated an Asian man, mostly because it's extremely taboo to mix race and cultures amongst Asians, so I've never really even had one ask me out. Most of the guys I have dated are white but I have also dated a few blacks, natives, and latinos too.

I brought a girl that was Japanese and Korean to a work dinner.

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The next day, my VP tells me I should've told him i was bringing a Japanese girl. I guess they have a bit of animosity towards the Japanese that i was unaware of. Japan is pretty much hated among other East Asians. I'm a born and raised Korean. Don't think Korea really had a war with Japan. It's because of the Japanese ruling in the early s. Look up Unit Almost every Asian elder I know is very verbose about their distain for other Asian cultures.

When I meet an older Asian and they ask me what my make-up is they're always disappointed, especially the Japanese. As for Japanese, there's a lot of distain for that particular culture because of the way that they invaded other Asian countries, kidnaped their women and use them to "comfort" their soldiers during wartime. The animosity shifts from time to time, depending on current events. Also dependent on the age of the person. This was passed down in korea and singapore for some reason, so a lot of the younger generation also hate Japan.

A lot of Taiwanese don't like China because of the whole independence thing, but it seems to matter less with some of the younger generation. Currently, China also hates japan because of the whole business over claiming the island senkaku I think it was? Taiwan also lays claim to the island but is too small to matter much. Taiwan doesn't like korea recently because of what they saw as unfairness in taekwondo match refereeing a while ago and korean craziness the media likes to show every now and then.


For Tinykimchi, mixing is only taboo in the way that it's taboo for someone from the states to be with someone that's from Germany. Just takes more effort due to the difference in language and whatnot, so some just don't try. Amonst 2nd gen I haven't seen it matter much unless the parents are strongly opposed. Most I see is that a lot of asian girls that date non-asians do that on purpose, and won't date an asian guy, so a lot of guys won't bother trying if they know you've been with a non-asian.

Of course this should be taken with a grain of salt, but every single asian girl I know, with the exception of one, has dated either exclusively asian or exclusively non-asian. That's a wildly inaccurate statistic. However, you might be interested in this study: These are two different articles talking about it as well, that imply asians are more like to date outside their race. I was saying from my own point, from asian girls that i have met.

I didn't directly say that's what the article said. Sorry if i didn't clarify. That's why i posted here. I dated an asian woman and she said that she felt a lot of pride in dating a white guy, and that female asian friends had expressed similar feelings. I do not know how widespread this phenomenon is.

I'm white and I mostly date white guys, not really because of any sort of preference but just because my city is mostly white people and it seems like the vast majority of people who express interest in me are white. Checking in as a white female in the PNW where it's Waiting for a bus home a group of black girls saw me, laughed and said, "girl you ain't got no kinda ass" so there's also that: Pretty much though weirdly I've had a lot of people make comments on my ass but they're all white. I'm Asian, and I mostly date white and Asian guys.

For the same reason: I almost always date outside. I like darker skinned guys, and I'm very light skinned. It's not an "always", I've been with light skinned guys before. Just gonna throw this out there- you know how everyone has a smell, when you get in really close, like close enough that you're kissing them?

Darker skinned guys smell much better to me. Lighter skinned guys especially blondes tend to smell a little "off" somehow. I have no idea what that's about. The best way I can describe it is "off" like it's something not quite right. I'm told that it's similar in India with spice but that is one I can not confirm. First boyfriend was greek, current is white, last was Saudi Arabian, first kiss was black and lost my virginity to a Hispanic boy I truly dgaf lol.

I'm Asian and have a tendency to like and date Asian guys, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm so into kpop. Of course, I've liked guys outside my ethnicity too, but it happens less often than falling for Asian guys. It's just a numbers thing. It's more about personality and whether we connect. I'm mixed race myself. I've only ever dated white men, and I'm white, but that's because there aren't really any other races around here. Something about whites just keeps me attracted from being grown up around it A non-white may have a fantastic body and they will look absolutely dashingly handsome One of my black suitemates is very similar to this.

No sexual connection to whites for her, just black guys. I am friends with many people of many races, but I guess sexually, white guys attract this white girl. A lot of European influences especially Finnish. I'm basically a European mutt with some Canadian and Native American. I'm a white Russian girl. I don't date within my own ethnicity per se - I identify as Russian above all else my parents are both immigrants; I'm a first-generation American citizen and I won't date Russian guys because there are so many factors in the culture that I find off-putting.

I do tend to date white men, simply because my social circle is pretty overwhelmingly white, but I've dated a Latino guy and wouldn't rule out any specific race ahead of time. Perhaps this comes from growing up with immigrant parents and living in a very immigrant-heavy area Brooklyn, for those curious , but for me, it's more important that someone I date be more Americanized than super into their own culture. I think it's great when people hold onto their heritage and culture n' stuff, but I've worked really hard to assimilate and be super American, and I would rather just date a regular American boy of any race than someone who was raised in and abides by a separate set of cultural rules, no matter where they're from.

Does this make sense?

Try the Russian bakeries in West Hollywood. Russkis make great desserts, though - super rich and delicious - so if you want a fun treat to bring to a party, that'd be my suggestion. Stolichnya Bakery on Santa Monica makes some great stuff. I lived in LA for a few years as a teen [I was a child actor] and my mom and I used to go there to buy fresh-baked bread every week.

I was raised in a primarily white area with hispanics being the most prevalent minority and interracial relationships few and far between. Now that I'm in college, I live in an area predominantly populated by african americans with a very diverse college campus where interracial relationships are more considered acceptable. I've only ever dated within my race, but never within my own ethnicity. I'm Greek and not a fan of Greek guys. I've definitely been attracted to people outside of my race, though, just have never dated any of 'em for no particular reason.

I'm not Israeli either--run-of-the-mill Eastern bloc Jewish plus my dad is greek--but there were so many Israeli guys at my university. I do, but not due to a preference about certain races. I have a type - average height and build, dark features dark hair and eyes and I've met guys from every race that fall into that category. I tend to be more attracted to white men. I'm willing to give guys from other races a chance, but there usually isn't any initial attraction on a physical level.

I can't explain it, just my taste. Lately it's been within but I am actually more attracted to people outside of my race.

I'm white and I am attracted to white guys but more Attracted to black and Puerto Rican guys. I've dated white guys, including one with very similar heritage to myself, and I've dated guys of other races, including ones from other countries. Cause I liked each of these individual guys and in no case was their race either a draw or a deterrent.

I'm asian, raised in a white family. While I don't excursively date any particular race, I'd say my preferences for physical attraction would be for caucasions and asians, but that's not to say I'd never date anyone of a different race. I've basically only dated white dudes because most of the guys that are in my "scene" are white. I have dated a Latino dude though.

The only guy I would ever have children with is half black, white and Mexican.

Is It OK to Have a Racial Preference in Dating?

We would have beautiful babies. I prefer white men, and white women. Just physically, there's an aesthetic I find appealing. I also like my men fatter and my women very short. I'm Hispanic and I prefer either Hispanic or white. Usually light skinned Hispanics. It just feels so comforting, and i feel like they truly "know me". I love how some Hispanics have colored eyes. As for whites, I find them attractive, but feel a bit disconnected from them culture-wise. I'm not attracted to darker skinned people. Plus culture is waaay too different.

I don't seem to be able to make relationships with people of similar background to me work, so it seems to me that dating outside my community will be even harder.

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I don't tend to date my race but that's only because we are extremely under-represented where I live. I'll date any person I am attracted to, regardless of race. Haven't seen any difference so far. I had to think about it and with serious relationships, yeah I normally do.

I have dated people of other ethnicities and have no problem with it but I've only developed serious relationships with guys of the same ethnicity, even down to Irish heritage, not just "white". I don't know why exactly. That could be why. I know I don't. I have a tendency to date outside my ethnicity, but that's because I'm biracial.

So there aren't many people who are the same ethnicity as me. I actually don't think I know anyone IRL who's the same mix as me. I've never dated outside my ethnicity. There's no particular reason, really. It's just that I don't know many people outside this category, so I never had the chance. I've mostly dated white guys. In general, most of the people who express interest in me are white. Judging on straight physical appearance, I will admit that some ethnicities are not what I'd consider physically attractive. However, if I find a guy attractive mentally, his race would honestly not matter.

The only other race consideration that I would think about, is traditions and expectations.

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I have just dated white men. Not acceptance, but as examples of surviving in enemy territory. Consciously or not, Monaghan dated Black women because he felt shunned by his own white culture and therefore drawn to other cultures he believed possessed a wisdom gained from years of struggle and abuse. So should we call foul on people who never choose mates who look like them? What about those who only date within their racial group? Discrimination can be subtler in the online dating scene, which seems to mirror the dating world at large, and dating sites like wherewhitepeoplemeet.

According to the co-founder of OKCupid, the majority of non-Black men have a bias against Black women, and Asian men tend to receive the fewest messages and ratings among all male customers. Gavin McInnes, the co-founder of Vice who was fired for views that started to tack alt-right-y, just calls it as he sees it: Source Photo courtesy of Quincy Gunderson.

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