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Now head for the Student Council room located directly across from your class and choose to join it for a new social link. Doing so will open up a new Arcana and social link I'm pretty sure you got a good laugh out of the conversation here but you'll waste the entire day. If you make this social link, it will only become available on Sundays, holidays, and vacations from school. April 30 After school, go back to the Dorm and you'll receive a call from Elizabeth. Go to the Velvet Room via the door under the Karaoke place in the mall and she'll tell you about her Requests. You'll obtain items for completing these requests, but some of them have deadlines.

If you fail to complete a request by the deadline, then that request is gone for good, so try to do the requests at your own pace but don't fall behind in your Tartarus exploration. May 3 You'll overhear the Tanaka shopping network during school a day or two earlier. On Sundays when you're not meeting anyone, check out your TV and the home shopping network will air. You can buy different things from it if you want. May 4 No school today. May 5 No school today. May 6 You'll be quizzed today.

THe answer is "Basic". After school, go to the Naganaki Shrine and talk with the little girl near the jungle gym. If you got that Mad Bull and Weird Takoyaki, she'll take them from you and invite you to play with her another day. May 7 After school, go to the Naganaki Shrine and talk with the little girl who will reveal herself as Maiko. Play with her and a new arcana and a new social link will be established, you pedo. May 9 Tonight is a full moon. You'll be given your first mission as a member of SEES and thankfully for you, it's not that difficult.

Once you gain control, follow the monorail until you reach the train. You'll enter it Well damn Yukari, if you don't want me to look, don't wear such a tiny thing! After a battle or two, a timer will kick up. You have 7 minutes to reach the front of the train and stop the Shadow, otherwise the train will collide with another one, killing you three. Once you reach the front car, you're greeted by the Shadow. For the first boss in the game, it's not a real tough one.

As long as you avoid using a Persona with Bufu skills, so something like Orpheus or Nekomata will come a long way here. As for Yukari and Junpei, hopefully you're at a high enough level in which the Priestess won't put you in a critical zone with just one attack. Priestess mainly uses Bufu and attacks but will summon Tiaras to help her out. Get rid of these as they'll only heal her.

It shouldn't be a difficult fight and you should be able to get rid of her before the time limit runs out. On nights before a full moon, you'll have infinite stamina in the Tartarus, so you can never get tired. Use this time to grind like hell if you feel you're underleveled or if you need to do any of Elizabeths requests. May 10 Once you return to the dorm, Elizabeth will call your cell phone and tell you that a new block of the Tartarus is open. The second block is much tougher than the first block since it was only a warm up, so I'd suggest waiting until Akihiko joins the party before exploring it.

Also, you can register your Persona in the Persona Compendium if you visit the Velvet Room from now on. May 13 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "General Relativity Theory". Say that 5 times fast. May 15 You'll be quizzed again. The answer is "Let me go!

May 18 From today until the 23rd, you can't do anything else since the Midterms start today. The first day is dependent on your Academic level. Level 3 should suffice. May 19 Second day of Midterms. The answer is "Mangekyo". May 20 Third day of Midterms. The answer is "Chaos Theory". May 21 Fourth day of Midterms. The answer is "Basic". May 22 Fifth day of Midterms. The answer is "How the tools are made". May 23 Today is the last day of Midterms. Just like with the first day, the last day is dependent on your Academic stat, so level 3 should suffice. May 25 The midterm exams are posted today.

Depending on how many answers you correctly answered and depending on your Academic level, you'll find out how well you did on it. If you got the best score in your class, you'll receive a boost in your charm. Also, the next day, make sure to visit Mitsuru in the halls of the school to receive your reward.

June 8 Yup, it's time for a full moon already. You'll be going to the Tartarus tonight to look for Fuuka. Once you gain control, go to where the Faculty Office is and you'll find the Gym Key. Go back to the main hall for another scene and you'll wind up in Tartarus, split up from Akihiko and Junpei. Just make your way up a few floors and you'll find them eventually. When you do, the real fun begins. Obviously from this, the Empress has a weakness to Slash, Strike, and Pierce attacks while the Emperor has a weakness to all four elemental attacks. The best way to deal with this?

On your first turn, have the main character attack the Empress to knock her down, and then use a Persona with any elemental skill and use it on the Emperor to knock him down. Use an All Out Attack and you should do a decent amount of damage. Well, once they get low on health, Empress and Emperor will start switching their attributes around.

This is where Fuuka comes in handy. Use L1 to bring up the Analyze option and have her Analyze them while you guess their weaknesses. Once you hit them, they'll switch again. Repeat until they die. June 9 The antique shop is open now. Take a peek inside to see what it is and what items you can get. June 12 Agree to become friends with the Mysterious Boy and he'll reveal himself as Pharos. The Death Arcana will also become available. June 13 Elizabeth will give you a call, telling you that new floors of the Tartarus are available for exploring, which means she has new requests for you as well.

June 15 You'll be quizzed today. The answer is "Colon". I don't know how I got this wrong on my first playthrough since I'm aiming for Journalism. June 17 You'll be quizzed again. The answer is "Shamanism". After school, the three school clubs Music, Art, Photography are recruiting. It doesn't matter which one you pick. June 18 Nothing special on this day. Just wanted to put it here because this is my birthday. June 22 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Chinese". June 29 You'll be quizzed.

The answer is "Leonardo da Vinci". July 3 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "The 2, Yen Bill". July 7 It's time for the next operation. Yukari will be a mandatory member this time, so select your other two party members. Chances are Akihiko and Junpei are leveled higher than Mitsuru at this point. Once you're ready, make your way to the top floor and enter the room to the northeast on the map.

The one thing that might pose as a tiny problem is that he tends to use Zio based skills. So just use your best non-Zio Persona and he'll go down rather quickly. When given the following choices, select these: Your next objective is to destroy two mirrors to break the seal to the second shadow. Go to the second floor and enter Room Break the window and climb to the third floor. Enter Room and break the window. Now go back to the room where you fought the shadow and you'll be treated to another fight. While it doesn't have any strengths and weaknesses, the main problem with this fight is that it can Charm your party, meaning if the main character gets charmed, you'll either Heal the Lovers if you have a Persona equipped with Dia, do nothing, or attack your party members.

The worst part about this is that your party members don't give a damn and won't use a Dis-Charm on you, so if the main character gets charmed, you either need to hope to hold out long enough or start the battle over.

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Aside from Charm, it's a normal fight, so use your best Persona. July 8 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "o-no-ma-to-pee-ah". July 9 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Heian-Kyo became the Capital.

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July 10 Another fuggin' quiz. The answer is "Kabbalah". July 11 You guessed it. The answer is "Their hairdos". July 14 Final exams start today. The answer is "Jewish". July 15 Second day of Final Exams. The answer is "Murasaki Shikibu". July 16 Third day of Final Exams. The answer is "The topknot fired bullets". July 17 Fourth day of Final Exams. July 18 Final day of Final Exams. Your end result will depend on your current Academic Level and how many answers you got correct. You need at least Level 5 in Academics if you want to ace it. July 20 Today, you leave for Yakushima, which means no Tartarus until you get back.

Kiss my ass, Shadows. July 21 Today, operation "Babe Hunt" will commence. With Junpei in your party, there's no way you can fail, right? After the set of scenes the last 'female' you try to hit on is quite hilarious indeed , you'll try to hit up on some girl standing on the pier. Afterwards, run into the forest and follow the path until you come across her. After some more scenes, Aigis will join the party.

July 24 Summer vacation is right around the corner, don't worry. As of today, if you have your Charm stat maxed to Level 6, you can start up the Lovers Social Link with Yukari by talking with her after class. Just becareful that you're not dating someone else already. August 2 Your sporting competition will be today. No matter what, you'll lose in the end to the other schools best athlete. After the scenes, you'll get a chance to make a social link wtih Mamoru.

After today, you can find him sitting on the bench across from the Bookstore. You need Level 4 Courage in order to establish a social link with him. August 6 It's time for the next operation. After the set of scenes, you can select your party members. Since the upcoming boss has no nasty attacks or weaknesses for you to exploit, it doesn't really matter what party you pick, but having a healer is nice, so bring either Yukari or Mitsuru.

For the other two, I took Aigis for her ability to use single and multi target Persona skills, and Junpei for more manpower. When you're ready, go down the next set of screens. When you reach the Shadow, Fuuka will warn you it's ahead, so heal up if needed. It's basically just a huge slugfest right from the start.

After a few turns, they'll split into two. Don't worry, your damage will still carry over, but there's one thing to take note of here. You MUST kill both of them on back to back turns, otherwise one will revive the other and you have to start all over again. Other than that, it's just an all out slugfest. August 8 Once Evening rolls around, you'll be introduced to your new party member, Koromaru.

However, not that many enemies use Hama based attacks, so he's an ideal pick for your party. Also, Elizabeth will tell you that new floors of the Tartarus are available for exploration. August Thanks to Mitsuru, you'll be spending the next few days in Summer School.

Good thing is, you'll raise your Academics if you haven't already maxed it out. August 16 The Summer Festival is today. You'll be invited by one of your female social links. August 28 You'll be introduced to your new party member today, Ken.

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That was a pretty boring month, wasn't it? September 1 You'll be quizzed today. The answer is "You slide like crazy. September 3 Shinjiro will become a party member.

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He's pretty much the powerhouse of the group. September 5 Full Moon time. After a few scenes, you'll be able to pick your party. Since the upcoming boss uses Zio based skills, Yukari and Aigis will only become burdens, so bring Akihiko since he's Strong against Zio skills, Mitsuru for healing purposes, and whoever else you want, though I went with Koromaru. Talk to Fuuka when you're ready to tackle it. If you have a Persona with a resistance to Zio based skills like Take-Mikazuchi, you'll be set. As long as you can heal up after his Giga Spark, he's a push over.

September 10 You'll be quizzed. The answer is "Come here. September 11 Another quiz. The answer is "The Hermetica. The answer is "It's indeterminate. You'll be stuck in the Dorm since you'll sleep through the next few days.

Persona 3 Fes: All Elizabeth Date Scenes [English]

September 21 As Igor mentioned on the 18th, you'll be able to make Personas using the Cross and Pentagon spreads. These are much more simple than the cross and triangle spreads, since you don't have to experiment to get the Persona you want. Just bring the Personas listed in the list and you'll be able to make it. October 4 The next operation is tonight. Shinjiro and Ken won't be available for this fight you'll see why soon enough , so you're stuck with everyone else. Aigis and Junpei were my other two characters here. Once you pick your characters, tell Fuuka you're ready to go. Once the battle starts, Strength will encase Fortune in a barrier, making him off limits so you have to focus all your man power on Strength.

Strength can be a dangerous foe since it knows some pretty strong physical attacks AND can make your party either distressed or charmed, which can mean big trouble if the main character is charmed.


While Strength is pummeling you, Fortune will use Wheel of Fortune not the gameshow, so no prizes are included, sorry which can make or break this fight. The way it works is pretty simple. I remember being so shocked when i read somewhere that you could date mitsuru. Hell, i didnt realize she was even a student until i saw her at school. I thought she was an adult. I'm only 12 hours in so far but i agree about yukari. Yuko i always mentally associate with that one girl who bullied Fuuko and that's kind of a turn off. I didn't even know you could date mitsuru for awhile but she seems so mature, i don't know how that will go.

Chihiro is my favorite so far but no one else seems to like her.

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If I were given a choice I'd probably stick with either Fuuka or Yuko. I'm seriously bothered by how many people said Chihiro. She's clingly and obsessive. Basically a yandere catastrophe waiting to happen. I just started as well! My most scandalous exploit so far is I've hugged Yukari But I also have a level link with Yuko. I've held hands with chihiro.

I kissed her but apparently that was a deal breaker and she stopped talking to me after that, so i ended up having to reload an old save because i missed her. I guess that sounds weird. Haha no way, I totally get it. Relationships are half the reason I got the game to being with. First playthrough I dated Fuko, Chihiro and technically Aigis. Second playthrough was Fuuka, Yukari and Mitsuru.

I was just about to say something about no one here dating Chihiro. I'm 12 hours in and shes the first girl i've dated, or started to at least. I just thought it was cute how she was so shy around me. Yeah, you can't beat a shy girl in glasses. That's basically my kryptonite. Her social link is also pretty fun, though Mitsuru's is probably my favorite out of the girls. I also like how it seems like she's breaking out of her shell the more we hang out. I don't think i've been this emotionally attached to a character in a video game since pokemon.