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You can also put more photos and info than many dating sites, which can help when looking for someone with a bit more in common etc.. I met my bf on one of the sites several years back. There are quite a few nice single ladies i know in Chiang Mai btw, but im no match maker! Either that or cruise for backpackers if noy too old yet. Also if sustainability the problem perhaps some introspection is in order, personally have found that women are women, Thais have a few quirks but hardly a different species. What eek said is true. Chiang Mai is popular with tourists because just about everyone including Thais speak English, or some degree of English.

If I was a man I would have no trouble meeting farang women in Chiang Mai, but I wouldn't go to some place like Nan or Uttaradit and complain about no English speaking people. I've never been on any dating site so I can't make any comments for or against. There are lots of farang women in Bangkok as well, but it is such a huge city and so difficult to get around that it is probably just as bad as some Thai village. Tourist spots like Krabi, Phuket, Samui and other southern islands are probably another good bet in meeting farang women.

The young crowd tend to go to the beach areas. Like 'paonoi' wrote, language centers and especially kindergartens are usually staffed by young western women - you obviously can't stalk outside the schools like some paedo though Thinking creatively, there is a popular teaching site 'ajarn' with a forum, probably lots of members there are young women looking for work, I was going to suggest it but when I looked there's a thread about poor moderation where someone's complaining;.

I gave up even thinking about it a few years back and now I'm so busy that I would have time to be involved in a relationship. I live in Chiang Mai and I also wanted to know where to find other single foreigners, I have a deep respect for the culture, but prefer to date a foreigner.

I live in Chiang Mai and also have searched and have the same question. I would be nice to find a foreigner who lives here as well. No I don't need to date a tourist, if I wanted to do that I don't have a problem.

Thai married lady but lie to husband and all farang

I don't have problems getting a date with Thai men. I do speak Northern Thai and eat the food. I have not run out of money. I would just like to be with someone like minded. I have a great job, huge green eyes, long 5 foot 8 legs, and a size DD rack…. Id like to see an Thai girl stand out next to me in a crowd lol!!

Oh btw the Asaian culture is becoming one the most obese…. You also sound very high fucking maintenance. Huge green eyes, wow, amazing, you know other colors work too? I spent 3 years in Thailand as an English teacher. I would never be able to bring my ex-wife to Thailand. My ex, was super jealous, and I did nothing but work and go home. Going to Thailand was a breath of fresh air.

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At first, I made a mistake and met a Thai woman in a bar who was not that attractive, and really thought of me as a cash machine. However, my life changed when I went to the second town I worked, looking for accommodation. I was waiting in Pizza Company across the street while my Honda motorcycle got an oil change. The manager was glorious beautiful, and could not stop myself from giving her my phone number. I had totally forgot about that amazing woman in the pizza place. I thought it was my school, texting me, to help me find a place to live.

After 5 texts on my phone, I became frustrated about her asking me when I was going to arrive in town. She did not talk to me.

Thai girls dating profiles

I could not believe it, this amazing girl wanted to hook up with me at the hotel, in her town. It was all history when I arrived at the hotel. She did everything for me, but cook. She was my friend, guide, and girlfriend. She did more for me, than my ex-wife did in 6 years of marriage. Anyone, who says bad things about the average Thai girlfriend really does not know women.

Thailand is full of good, funny, intelligent Thai women who just want a man to love them. Sorry, but if I were in Canada, I would have to have lots of money or be a medical doctor or lawyer, to meet this kind of woman in Canada. Plus, here, they are mostly Muslim or Indian who really hate Caucasian men. Its like living in big refugee Prison. That would be my case. From what I understood Thai women are open to that sort of thing, or? Just open the relationship and let your gf date and romp anyone without you. Not all women lack self-esteem or have zero lust in sexual adventures.

Not all Thai men are afraid of farang ladies — there are plenty who have lived overseas and are very open-minded. I made the mistake of letting a straight woman join us and I had to pretend to be excited because she was so self-conscious — cringe! Or, get her invite another male or let her find her own sideboys. These are possible without ruining your relationship.

I am a European -looking woman living and working in Thailand. I have not much to tell on the subject of decent Thai girls, as I usually communicate in my own circle foreigners and most Thai women I see work on the streets, so guess who they are.. Well, there certainly are nice and pretty Thai women, but there are also fat, disfigured and clumsy once. And toooo short to boot. I find the article very amusing. Like your style Hannah! I think the fast food culture has hit Thailand big time as. I am there in November and will interested to see if the girls are still getting bigger!

You were in a relationship for all the wrong reasons. Take it from a life long bachelor…: Im thinking of taking a trip to Thailand in Sept, thought I would stay about a month. I have joined a couple of sites, the ladies look incredible, at age , many look , do you think the pics are real?

I will be 55, decent shape, not Tom Cruise looking but have had success with nice women before, especially once we spend a little time together. Two so far are just phenomenal, one is reporter and the other works for a radio station. Both live out always from Bangkok, so I might have to travel. Question, how much money are most of these ladies looking for in their partner? What do you think, any luck in finding a good lady over there? Both asked if I had line id after a couple days of chatting on Thai friendly.

Is to young over there, for someone 55, how is it perceived? Any advice would be great, sorry being long winded. Just avoid getting into relationship with a bar-girl. Then you will be allright. A Thai woman probably will not ask you to fill out a credit form, about your car, and condo. Just go to a woman you like a teacher, medical doctor, lawyer, engineer etc.

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Women who would not give you the time of day in US or Canada. Invite them to lunch. The worst is they will politely say no. If you are fat, its probably a negative. All farang are fat to the Thai people unless you are Captain America with a 6 pack. If you smile, and dress well, you will probably get the right response. I know, I was surprised. My good fortune was I was an English teacher so it gave me some respect with the community, and government.

Thai girls dating profiles

It made it easier to meet people. Its probably why, many retired men, volunteer to work for free, to keep busy and make some connections with the community. Join the Rotary Club, and you will certainly meet lots of people who will help you connect. Meet a good girl, with a good family. If you do, you will be happier because she will help you and she will not be asking you for money.

Don’t Move to Thailand With Your Farang Girlfriend

That was my experience. My girlfriend had a car, which we used. I drove a new Honda motorcycle. It was so much fun traveling with her on that little motorcycle. However, the car was safer. Its making me homesick for Thailand. Do not get Thai fever, like I did and think about nothing but returning to Thailand. I have a Thai girlfriend and I always leave my wallet on the table.

It has anything up to 30, baht it in at any one time. She has never let me down in the 8 months we have lived together. She also leaves her money around and knows I would never steal it from her. Trusting me around other women is another story. She is a very jealous young lady. That is very unfair. You will find liars and thieves in every country, not just Thailand.

So not all Thai are liars and cheats as this has been the norm for me. Nothing to do with Singapore either what is a lovely country with great people. Best of luck seeking the greener pasture. Moving countries puts relationships under considerable strain. On top of her lies she was a sociopth I learned later.

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She said she loved me but that was to manipulate. Her friends were much the same they gave guys sex to get money from then. Thai love is very hollow generally speaking. If you just want to fuck Thai women their is plenty of Thai that you csn fuck. Seems that the whole country is protituting them selves. To me it has warped values worship Buggha but fuck every guy you can get money from. Thailand is a very dirty country hot as hell filled with hundreds of gold plated Temples while people are poor Lying seems to be a virtue yet they worship Buddha. Hello Ken, It is interesting what you wrote.

I share a similar point of view with you but at the same time I believe that a whole country of 65 millions people there must be a lot of good people around. Just that we seldom meet them. Those people we deal with like prostitutes, bar workers etc. But on the other hand even ordinary ladies like those who work in offices or shops may also do the same thing they cheat and lie to get your money, this only strengthen your belief. Why do ordinary laldies cheat and lies , well,they are desperate for money to buy the latest branded handbag or handphone.

But some lucky people who met honest ladies they have a different story to tell. Russian dating East European dating Latina dating Asian dating. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Sign up for FREE dating! Thai Girls online now. Signup Mens profiles Thai girls profiles Blog. Just a few clicks needed to contact s of members! Free Thai dating One of the biggest Thai dating sites with over , members. You can do all the following without a single payment: Signup and create your dating profile Browse and view Thai girls profiles Wink and add Thai girls to favourites Send messages and live chat Receive updates to your email If you do decide to upgrade to premium membership then you appear at the top of searches and get noticed!