Sister dating boyfriends brother

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I've known his brother for awhile but basically we lived in separate towns and well he was my sisters boyfriends brother. But we ended up at the same party together and well since we knew each other we spent the night talking to each other and at first it was awkward but as the night went on it just got more comfortable and comfortable. Then I started looking at him and he looks a lot and I mean a lot like his brother and well to be honest when I was younger I had a crush on him nothing serious just thought he was cute and funny so it kind of made my head swim.

The next thing I know he is asking me out of on a date. Well several dates later and now we are official. I just told my Sister and she got kind of weirded out about it, but then kind of laughed it off and said it must be genetics. My worry though is this going to make us some type of real life hillbilly thing? I mean its not like we are getting married or anything but honestly I am falling for him but do I want to go to far with this? Just don't break up spectacularly and fuck up Christmas for years to come.


If you don't see him being "the one," back out gracefully and like a grown up. Not weird at all. If it becomes serious, two brothers marrying two sisters occurs a lot. You and your sister probably have similar values, humor, and personality, and he and his brother probably do too, it makes sense that you two would click as well. Don't worry about it. Oh he is going to be 18 soon too. I really don't want to make the first move.

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Is it wrong to date my sisters boyfriends brother?

What Guys Said 5. Nope if you like him go for it What Girls Said 1.

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  2. Would it be weird if I was dating my sisters boyfriends brother? Does this count as incest?.
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  4. There's nothing wrong with dating your sisters's boyfriends brother. Unless you mean dating your sisters boyfriend which is obviously wrong. But make sure that you all get married on the same day so no one can call you inbred.

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    NO there is nothing wrong with it If you really like him, why not? Related Questions Is it wrong to date my sisters boyfriends brother? Is there anything wrong if i date my older sisters boyfriends little brother? Sister hooking up with my boyfriend's brother: Is it wrong to date your sister's ex boyfriend? Is it okay to date my sisters boyfriends brother?